Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finished, finished, and finished

I know makes a change from starting multiple items, hope no one is too shocked.
The warm collar matches the green hat, just right for Mr4 on these chilly mornings.

This purple rabbit has been waiting months for some stuffing - all finished now and sent off to her new home. I just found the old picture I completed the stitchery back in January obviously I got distracted and she was left languishing on the unfinished pile well not any more. This is a design from Melanie Hurlston's Sew Little range of patterns.

Finally, I sewed the buttons on my purple textured vest to finish it too, only a month after all the other work on it was completed and buttons acquired. It sure is just right for this weather and has had more than one outing already, cosy.

After taking a lot of photos's and not being happy with the way the colour looks on the screen I decided to go to the Bendigo Woollen Mills site to look at the colour swatch there and it looks very similar to my photo colour when in fact the actual colour is deeper. The name of this yarn is Purple Storm from the Luxury range.
That's two things off the just need a little attention and I'll be done pile. Yay.
Still playing with yarn and hook here more cosiness and a little frivolity.
Happy Creating in your cosy place.


Cardygirl said...

Love the collar & the bunny is super cute!

Serenata said...

Oh I love the vest, just the thing for the cooler weather!

Melody said...

Lovely work, as always.

marina said...

well done on your finishes!
Keep working through that pile.

Shay said...

The knitted collar is da bomb. That such a cute idea instead of a traditional scarf.

I love vests. Yours is really pretty and I adore the colour.

Way to go girl on getting some of those projects that were almost finished actually finished.

Jindi's Cottage said...

Well it's a good thing I was sick all week and haven't been blogging...the shock of all these finishes might have finished me off in my weakened state!!! *LOL*
Mr4 is sure going to be warm and cosy this are you in your finished vest...
Cute stuffy...started only January, that almost doesn't
even count as a UFO!...