Saturday, May 14, 2011


When I visited with The Mother last week she had this present for me - now I don't know about you but whenever I have been in Op Shops around my area there are never any interesting craft supplies - I think they get all the best stuff at the one where The Mother volunteers.

This is mostly pearl 8 cotton, not too tangled and there are lots of full or almost full reels.

Oh, this was not all of it I promise I shared with SILJ.

What does one do with Pearl8 cottons - lots of things of course.

I just couldn't resist trying this crochet flower tutorial from Happy in Red.

Too cute in this size - about 2 inches across.

Sure is an easy flower to make, there will be more I've got lots of thread to grow my garden.

Hope your weekend is spent right where you want to be.

Stay warm


Happy in red said...

Oh, you tried my flower! That's fantastic!! Am very pleased to see that it worked :-)

Maria said...

You are very clever with your crochet and knitting.

Barb said...

Love your are just good at alot of things!

Shay said...

Ive got some pearl cotton in my stash somewhere (inherited I think from my grandmother) I always wondered what it was for!

That's twice this week youve taught me something.

Love your crochet flowers . Have a lovely weekend!

Liriopia said...

Dear Mistea,

I have several skeins of pearl8 cotton that I will never use. Seeing your work, I would love for you to have them. If you are interested, please send your address to "" and I will mail them to you.