Saturday, May 21, 2011


Yarn that is.
It seems to be dominating all the creative goings on here.
Friday I started with this - reusing some yarn that I unstitched on Thursday because the scarf was all wrong. It is a much nicer verigated green colour than the photo's show in a soft tencil and acrylic mix.

And finished with this - a green beanie for Mr4.

Moving right along to more green this time softer and prettier - hooking a little something up.

My Friday night Sew-In was actually a yarn in and plenty was achieved. Yay me.
My only connection with the previous post about the Tea Cosy exhibition was as a willing admirer - there sure were a lot of amazing articles to admire all of them filling the function of humble tea cosy. Just Lovely
Have a sunny weekend.


Michelle Ridgway said...

that green yarn made such a great beanie and the other green is so soft and pretty. Your work is lovely.

Shay said...

Winter always suggests knitting and sitting in front of the TV doing handwork. It looks like you've taken that to heart with all your wonderful creations.

marina said...

Yarn is definitely your medium of choice lately. Winter is lovely for knitting and crocheting with wool.
You could say you have made cosies for little heads.

Serenata said...

That is funny, I am knitting with green at the moment as well! I love that you had a Yarn In :-)

Marg said...

Lovely green yarns, you certainly achieved a lot on Friday night.