Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So close

I have successfully reknit a lot of this navy yarn which was reclaimed from the Reversible Wrap which never did what I would have liked it to do.

And the blue cables are nearing their end, but I haven't decided on an appropriate finish for the edging. I can see a little experimenting in my near future.

I couldn't resist starting a new sock, which also has cable detail, not that you can see that in the picture.
These are in response to the father's request for more after recently being forced to wear commercial socks for the first time in some months and experiencing cold feet. (There was a small issue of overwear causing holes in one of the handmade pairs causing the shortfall.)
Elementary Watson in Moda Vera Noir - the coffee colourway.
Joining the Yarn along this week, I've been listening while knitting so no book pictures but recently finished Dark Heart by Tony Park, fiction based on fact, set in Africa with a focus around the peace keeping experience in Rwanda post 1995. Both interesting and intriguing.
Currently listening to The Sandcastle Girls by Chris Bohjalian an historical novel, from the cover - "Parallel stories of a woman who falls in love with an Armenian soldier during the Armenian Genocide and a modern-day New Yorker prompted to rediscover her Armenian past"  So far this too is very interesting and engaging, perfect for knitting time.

Still using the Library computer and short on time.

Hope you are all having a great week.

PS: while I have been reading blogs for some reason I am unable to currently comment.
I have enjoyed seeing what everyone is up to, hopefully the technology issues will be sorted soon!


jodie said...

blogs just seem to go crazy for no reason- I couldn't comment for weeks but I think its all fixed now. You are the queen of socks !

Maria said...

Your re knitted project is looking good.
Nice sock and the pink slippers in previous post are gorgeous.

Shay said...

You're kicking butt with the blue yarn...and its looking fantastic.

Someone I know just lost her entire blog list - maybe Blogger has completely lost the plot! Hope you can comment again soon.

elflyn said...

Goodness me all those little cables...... so, so lovely!

Fiona said...

I enjoy listening to books too when I am doing hand work... I need to order a new one in

Charlie and Wendy said...

All those cables look wonderful, seeing all the gorgeous socks you make has really made me want to try knitting some this year. Love the slippers in the previous post too.

karen said...

lovely cabling and the socks are a must, I've been trying to have something on my dpns at all times, a mini goal for this year :)

katherine said...

Love the pink slippers from the previous post and I can see the cable design in your fathers socks too.