Saturday, May 26, 2012


I refilled the jar for some serious sewing action - I have the quilt ready for quilting.

A little armchair shopping here early in the week resulted in this package of loveliness in my mail box Friday - there may not be time for sewing after all?

The green and blue are four ply from the pure wool Luxury range and I have a project ready to go for those  two. The purple was pure indulgence as the new range, Seranade is a bamboo and wool mix, most definitely all for me.

A little couch time Friday night and I got started - this yarn is beautiful to work with and so far I only have a small issue with the pattern - some how I keep ending up with an even number after the increase row instead of  an odd number? (Probably just my lack of following skills).

May your weekend be warm and dry, with many moments of craftiness.


Barb said...

I like how you sew.....that bowl would not last long here.

Maria said...

Hmmmm nice jar of M&Ms. Good for either sewing or knitting. Enjoy!!

Charlie and Wendy said...

The knitting is looking lovely and those M&Ms look pretty good too!