Saturday, May 12, 2012


The weather is perfect for hats - because I have decided I should just stick to what I am best at, oh and the fact that I couldn't find the fabric I wanted at Spotty last night - I had grand plans of basting and doing some quilting on the pin wheels from a couple of weeks ago, the universe conspired against me.

The green cowl is all better now, it is finished except for weaving in some ends.
Instead of buying fabric at Spotty I got a ball of this pretty pink chenille yarn and started crocheting a hat on Friday night - thick yarn and chunky hook means...

I have a finish already (except for those pesky ends of course).

This afternoon while the sun was shining outside and the wind was blowing lots of cold air - I stayed indoors and unravelled the vest's neckband, ready for another attempt. After consulting an alternative pattern I decided that the neckband just needs more stitches and it will be fine, but I didn't pick them up today.

I started something new instead - a beanie for a colleague. 

This will use the remainder of this yarn from the gifted stash - Yippee!
Making room for some new yarn to make something for me.

Hope your Saturday was spent somewhere warm.


m.e (Cathie) said...

and you do hats so well!
hope you have a great Sunday

p.s check this out

Shay said...

It's been the perfect weekend for hibernating and playing with fabric or yarn.

LOVE the hat!