Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Goodness

There was more cutting and sewing on the project which began on Friday Night
and these blocks became 

a quilt top - so artfully displayed here covering the couch mess.

I started with these three prints and four tonal fabrics. The prints are postage stamps, immigration stamps and world map - I thought they were perfect for an Aussie Heroes quilt. I am enjoying making this one and really love these colours together.

There was time on Saturday evening for a little knitting on the couch - I moved the quilt top first.
A smaller sized grey beanie for my colleague.

Sunday while I was out and about there was a little hooky goodness happening - will show you soon what this gorgeous blue became.

And no outing is complete without a little pick me up.

Next on the needles a fluffy beanie in these pretty colours.

I understand that nothing here matches as I am using all the odd balls of yarn that have accumulated here in the past few years. Guess it is going to be a hat kind of winter.

I have a week of unusually free evenings so there could be some major progress on the quilty front, or not if I decided to just sit on the couch under one of my quilts with needles and yarn in hand?

Hope your Monday is colourful.


marina said...

you have been very busy!
love the fabrics for your heroes quilt.
Happy knitting...

Kathy said...

Whoa! You're a crafting machine at the moment :) that beautiful blue yarn will become something amazing I'm sure.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Love those fabrics you are using for the quilt. So nice to be able to sew, knit and crochet -- you are keeping busily productive in a good way. I work work work at school and then work work work at home. All work and no play ... is just no fun. But when there is so much to do, my creative juices run dry! Thank goodness for weekends and more time. Enjoy the cool weather. It was soooooo humid here today. Yuck! Best wishes, Tammy

Fiona said...

love your quilt.... so clever with the colours... and lots of lovely soft knitting.... that soft blue beanie is going to be so warm...

Teresa said...

Wow you have achieved so much... you must be exhausted he he... love the pick me up! The quilt looks amazing.. great choice of fabric. Love the beanie... it's getting to that time of the year woo hoo!!! Have a great week x

Marilyn said...

Love your Aussie Hero quilt. I used the immigration stamp fabric in the one I did for my D-I-L in Egypt. It went well with the purples/blues colour scheme I did for her.
Love your knitting, beautiful as always. And that pick me up looks so yummy.