Monday, November 18, 2013


Last week I flew away to a hot place,
Sure there was blue sky up there.
for a special family celebration.
Ms17 is now officially done with school (and very happy about that).
I took my new bag filled with essentials,
The front

 I changed a couple of things - some intentionally and some unintentionally - like when I cut the main bag piece just a little too short and didn't have enough fabric to start over. 
This bag is very roomy, I'm guessing Melly designed it with stitching retreats in mind as there is lots of space for supplies as well as clothes and other necessities.
The back
Sleepover bag by Melly and Me in Ink and Spindle fabrics with buttons from the button tin.

Some souvenir purchases followed me home.
coffee from my favourite coffee place, new yarn and a new needle for more sock knitting.
Back to reality and the sun is shining.
Hope your week is off to a sunny start.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Fantastic bag...nice purchases ...a new door opened for your Miss 17

Michelle Ridgway said...

Wow what a neat bag. I am glad you enjoyed your warm weather and came home with goodies.

Marilyn said...

In the class we did, our teacher found that a couple of pieces needed to be made a little larger, and she also changed how some things were done. Cant remember what parts without looking up the pattern. But it holds so much in it. Love your fabrics.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Great bag. So strange that graduation is in November while for us it is in May. My son was 17 when he graduated and just turned 18 last month. He's in Colorado at university while we are way over here. :) Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Shay said...

It's always fun to get away - and doubly so when you have something to celebrate at the other end. Congrats to Ms. 17.

Love your weekender bag despite the small hiccup.I think it looks fabulous!

Fiona said...

congrats to Ms17.... a new chapter now... and a lovely bag you made.. those fabrics are perfect...

Teresa said...

Your bag turned out wonderfully. It's such a great pattern and your bag is perfect! Hope you had a lovely time and those storms were okay where you were xx

Charlie and Wendy said...

You made a wonderful job of your bag, it looks perfect! Hope you had a lovely time, your shopping looks great :)

Anita said...

You did a great job of your bag and it's better when you add your own touch to things anyway!! Love the picture of the clouds outside the plane.....I'm too chicken to look out plane windows!! lol
Cheers, Anita.