Monday, December 9, 2013

A little thread

The past week has been all about Christmas gatherings with friends.

The evening craft group has a little lucky dip swap, the only criteria is that the item needs to be handmade.
I played with a little thread and a teeny hook to hook up some coaster sized doilies.

Current reading material inspired by a lecture by the author

Simple vintage pattern created from a couple of basic stitches.
Totally legitimate copy a lot of Coats patterns are available free on their website as a scanned copy of the original leaflet - much fun. A wonderful feature of these vintage patterns is multiple sizing attained by changing yarn and hook weights and there are quite a few listed on this leaflet.

First one done was a bit slow going, checking directions and counting stitches, not to mention dodgy hook but it turned out looking just like the pattern.

I changed hooks not size, as I totally misplaced the one I started with and the second one was a much better shape for making the combination of pattern and thread.

Dodgy overcast day photo, but you can see that the thread is off white rather than white or cream as it appears in the other pictures.

A set of four coasters received with thanks by Mel.

I was lucky enough to receive a new home for my knitting projects, made by Brianna, but as yet I haven't got a picture.

Wishing you fun and colour in your creative space this week.


Michelle Ridgway said...

Beautiful Tracey... Lucky Mel 😊

Jindi's Cottage said...

Lovely vintage hooking…too pretty to put a cup of coffee on!…enjoy the book, that should be an interesting read...

Fiona said...

those are so pretty....what a lovely gift..

marina said...

what a beautiful collection of coasters. Thanks for the link to Coats..

Maria said...

Lucky recipient. the coasters are beautiful.

Charlie and Wendy said...

Your crochet doilies are gorgeous and I love your bag in the previous post too!