Saturday, July 4, 2015

School Holidays...

Used to be a time for getting out and exploring the neighbourhood, hanging out with friends and generally relaxing. It appears today's children no longer get to enjoy these carefree holidays, instead they're spending time cooped up in rooms similar to their everyday school rooms.

How do I know this? I just spent a week working with these young people and I have to say I'm grateful for the holidays I enjoyed with family and friends.

It has been fun work seeing the children create masterpieces from simple materials - blank canvas, simple shapes and paint. The theme is Space and the children are encouraged to interpret that word in what ever they like.

All this working stuff has left me with little motivation to create myself. Not because I am not inspired by the wonderful work of the children but because I have spent so much time sitting in traffic that I am too exhausted at days end to point the needles in the right direction.

A short interlude in an otherwise long day - knitting and coffee at Unwind Craft cafe.

I am enjoying some time this weekend with needles and yarn and hoping the sun comes out tomorrow for long enough to get pictures of my progress.

Hope your weekend is cosy.


mamasmercantile said...

They really have produced some wonderful work. Hope you manage to get some crafting time over the weekend.

marina said...

shame they can't have a break, we all need one?
lovely new wools, look forward to seeing what pretties you create with them.
Hope you get some crafty time!

Shay said...

Great artwork by the kids. Interesting to see how they each interpreted the topic. Your mojo will return - never fear - you're just spending time collecting more inspiration!

kymann said...

Well,well, another picture of the Unwind, just to torture me! You certainly have some gifted artists amongst your crew!