Wednesday, September 2, 2015

August- Where exactly are you hiding?

There was a little knitting action in the craft space.

There was finishing and plenty of starting!

For the OPAM record, a couple of days late, 7 finishes last month.

Three of them are the same design worked up in different yarns for wonderful effect, as I worked the first one in an Angora mix the working name of this design is fluffy bunny colour. Ha! In the picture they are the white(angora mix), the green(100% alpaca) and the orangy/pink one that is a beautiful merino single.

The red cowl is another new design, Deloras will be ready for testing shortly.

The father's diamond socks went down a treat after I rushed to get them finished when the celebrations were moved forward a week so the parents could enjoy a trip with my brother and his truck. They're currently enjoying a little outback adventure. 

A pretty pink headband accompanied me on a run around kind of day, it's a fabulous project for on the go.

The mythical wings shawl, that's the one with all the bright stripes is a test knit for the Gabrielle. A very clever design that gives a nice triangle shape without all the stitches of a top down design.

It was a big month of knitting and finishing, the needles are currently waiting patiently while the hooks are having a turn. Haha!

Hope your days are sunny and bright.


Christine M said...

Great finishes, Mistea.

mamasmercantile said...

A lot of finishes, you really have been busy.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

The shawl is colorful and lovely. Lots of nice projects. Weather here is anything but sunny and bright at the moment since a dust storm rolled in. Bleh!

marina said...

lots of lovely knitting finished, looking forward to seeing your crochet project.