Thursday, September 20, 2012

Playing Hooky

One of the best things about not working full time is that I get to hang out at the local Community Centre on Tuesdays with a lot of other like minded creative people.
After all the starting on the weekend I decided I should work on some of the projects which have been resting - like these spot blocks that I hooked up back in February and even laid out then too, but didn't get around to putting together.

So Tuesday I sewed them all together and then Wednesday at NCB I worked on the crocheted top that finishes this off.

In between enjoying delicious morsels of course.

Then I ran out of yarn - only on me at the time, I have plenty of the blue to finish this off.
I am about half done with the handles.

It will be another Banjo bag from Interweave crochet magazine, Summer 2011 issue.

I had a little sewing project with me as well and even put a few stitches in that too.

My Angel found a comfy spot to rest before flying off to her new home.

Hope your week is full of creative company and angels of course.


bec said...

*sigh* I think I've worked every Tuesday since that time I came along to craft day! I miss it, I'll have to find something on a Friday, as that seems to be me main day off. and working Mon-Wed means by Wed night I'm comatose! I need more craft chat!

Fiona said...

the spot block crochet squares are so much fun and the angel looks lovely in that very pretty fabric... looking forward to seeing what you made...

DesertSnowdrop said...

That is great that you have a "gang" to hang out with and craft! I am looking for one here, to no avail. Plus with school...oh well.
Loving the look of your pretty!

Mrs A said...

nice work! have a great weekend!