Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Then there were 2

I finished another of the little Annie Angels today, this one is tea stained and well some of the colour ran from the embroidery thread as well, so she is definitely coloured, the pink one is regular calico. A friend commented that the Pink Angel looks sad, I am hoping that the Orange one looks a little happier. She really is a cutie.
This afternoon - just because I could I sat on the beach - perfect weather, high 20'sC and a gentle breeze. It was before school got out hence the lack of paddlers, about now it would be quite busy down there.
Oh, and this Friday I am participating in the Friday night sew in co-ordinated by Heidi and Bobbi it seems they do this most months, but I have not previously played along. I am hoping to make some progress on the Happy House quilt, so I best get the backing sorted and check I have enough batting, it is kinda big for me.
Hope your Tuesday was a creative one.
Happy Crafting


jindiscottage said...

Orange Angel is very cute, I like her hair. Mmm, she looks....a little wistful, just what is she thinking about.

Serenata said...

Yes I thought the pink one looked a bit sad, or thoughtful.

The orange one is kind of cute - she looks like she is a bit unsure.

Cybele's patch said...

I like them both. I guess angels also have their sad or pensive moods ;-)
That beach looks so inviting. All we have is snow and just a minute ago it started to rain.

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

I love all your little angles.. yes sad to say the little red one does look a little long in the tooth. But the orange one looks very happy :) Lucky you that you live so close to the beach...Winter is almost over here.. only a month or so left of really bad weather ;)

Jantine said...

Those angels are very nice. I did not find the red one sad but she looks a bit frightened ;-). Wonder how many more you will be making ;-)

Michelle (Shell) May said...

They are so cute! The pink one does look rather sad. :( Maybe she is happier now that she has a friend! :)