Monday, March 8, 2010

Started and Finished

With some encouragement I decided to join the pinwheel quilt-a-long over at P.S. I Quilt and it is providing lots of opportunity to practice straight line sewing. As I started late I made one of each of the first two blocks and decided that as they were not too onerous I would continue with the project. As there are two of each block I decided to do the others yesterday and be caught up?? Well Rachel has the third block up so I guess it is back to the cutting mat and some more sewing today to get up to date. This is the first block. And this is the second block.
So far so good all the blocks are the required size.
Here she is, the previously referred to Miss Nudie, you may have seen her already as she made an appearance over here last Thursday, and while she was dressed in that photo she was still without a wig - all done.
Meet Miss Noel, created using the pattern Sing Noel from Denni Doodles she is such a cutie and has already made herself at home here, as you can see she is minding some fabric that I have been playing with lately.
Sure there could have been more sewing achievements this weekend if the storms would not have turned the power off for a big chunk of Saturday afternoon when it was too dark to hand stitch. Fortunately it is a long weekend here, more stitching time this afternoon as it appears todays predicted storms have detoured south.
Happy Creating


Cybele's patch said...

The blocks look great Mistea. I love pinwheels. The doll is so cute. Her hair looks nice.

Anonymous said...

Well done on the pinwheels. Miss Nudie, sorry Miss Noel is very cute.

clare's craftroom said...

I could never , ever get points to match like you have on your blocks .The dolly is even cuter now with clothes on !

marina said...

You've gotta love long weekends!
We didn't lose power thank goodness.
Just wet, wet, wet.
Your pin wheel blocks look good, you have already utilised your GJ bargains.

teresa said...

Pinwheel blocks are looking great! I am really enjoying this little challenge. So glad you decided to join in too!

Jantine said...

Nice blocks! Good for you to get going and do the second pair too. Hope you will have fun with the rest of it. Enjoy.
What a pity the power turned of, just when you were in the stitching mood ;-(