Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday Night Sew In..

Reporting on what I didn't accomplish last nigt! I now know I should not wait until Friday night to decide what to work on - a little organisation certainly makes for a more productive evening. I traced all four colours for the bears and managed to sew around the parts of two before just totally losing concentration and making a big mess of the next one - I gave up on further sewing and the bears at that point. And moved right along to some cutting for the item I will make for the kitchen - there was lots to think about as the piece of purple fabric was not quite big enough for where I wanted to use it. I had to cut several pieces for the top and then choose a different fabric for the back.Whilst Friday night was not very productive today has been much better and this mess is now all tacked together ready to be quilted, but the local festival is on this weekend and I am heading out shortly for some free entertainment for the evening.
Enjoy your weekend.
Hope it is perfect where ever you are!
Happy Creating


marina said...

Glad the planets aligned for some craftiness today. Love that purple fabric!
Hope tomorrow is good for you too.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Hope you enjoy yourself Mistea.

Sometimes the most productive times are the ones that are far less planned.

I myself cannot sew dolls or bears. I invariably end up sewing their heads on backwards, or inside out, or their arms to the guts or something. I really admire people who can sew them without giving them physical problems.

Cybele's patch said...

Have fun Mistea, and have a great week end!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

I always find it is more fun to just run with the fun! My plans never work out as good as the times when I just let it happen.
hugs and friends,

clare's craftroom said...

Lovely purple ! Enjoy your time out .