Monday, March 1, 2010


The M&M's fairy delivered the following package after much delay due to snow in her home town.

It all started a few weeks back when Kathy had pics of these on her blog and I mentioned we didn't get that flavour here, she generously suggested she could send me some - once the snow stopped visiting.

So what is so different about these - the ones in the purple pack are dark chocolate and the red pack has peanut butter M's.


Thank you so much Kathy they are much appreciated.

I'm trying to figure out how to make them last for the longest time?

Here are the pretties I picked up at GJ's sale on Saturday - in the back row 3 London Cats fabrics, same design in different colours and in the front, some $2 fat quarters, cause they were there and everything was 25% off. I also picked up batting and thread to complete another quilt.

The winner of my one year bloggy anniversary giveaway is Marina from Maisie and the boys, and as this is my 150th post I chose a second winner, and that is Cathy from Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much.

Can you believe Miss Nudie chose the colour for her outfit today and then the power went out? Lucky it is not cold here! She will be dressed shortly and then she will be able to make an appearance here.

Hope you all had a good Monday - I sure did.

Happy Creating


jindiscottage said...

Yum! Good luck making them last - can't see how you are going to manage it but it's good to challenge ourselves sometimes *LOL*

Cybele's patch said...

I am sure the m&m's won't last very long ;-) Lovely fabrics too!

Cathy said...

Pretty fabrics - so spring like!! and I have to agree, there really is no way to make those M&Ms last longer LOL!! so savor every bit :)

WOW!!! I was sooo surprised and soooo excited that I won your giveaway! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This is soooo sweet :)
CJ ♥♥

marina said...

I am very excited to have won your blogiversary giveaway! Thankyou very much.
Love dark chocolate but Peanut butter m&ms??? Not so sure.
Love the fabrics especially the London cats fabrics, what plans do you have for them, they all seem to blend together nicely.

Kathy said...

Glad you like the M and M's and my family just loves the peanut butter ones...they are like eating a Reese's Cup. Have a great day!

Leah said...

Mmm peanut butter m&ms...sounds delish.