Monday, March 29, 2010


A lovely town up the highway with lots of creative people

A very good use for an old phone box.

What a cute sign - I coudn't resist and went in for a look around and to eat.

This is the outisde of the garden wall of the flying teapot - there are all kinds of shiny implements imbedded in the concrete fence.

Some old buildings

Above a former tearooms with a 1890's date

Old house and 'News' building

Train station.

Fire station - 190? was the date at the top.

I enjoyed a nice walk around the town after checking out all the creative goodies at the quilt show. You can find lots of pics of quilts here - much better than the ones I took. Oh and you can check out her winning quilt while you are there. There were lots shopping opportunities at the Quilt Show and I so wanted to buy the Kaliedescope book from Melly, I resisted this once. I did get some fabric I'll show you next time. Wishing you all a creative week. Happy Crafting

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Jantine said...

Lovely pictures! And inspiring too. Quilt Shows are terrific. Wonder how long you will be able to stay strong ;-) about the book...