Monday, July 18, 2011


Taking things slowly yesterday I sat with stitching in hand and got quite excited when I thought this was finished - but a quick look at the pattern pic reminded me my cat is missing something/s.

Oh, yeah that would be the whiskers -everybody knows cats need whiskers.

All done.

Then I started this mini version - which is the actual size for the Simple Pleasures quilt the design fits within a 2&1/2 inch square - yep titchy and requiring lots of concentration on this pretty fabric.

Coming along nicely so far.

I didn't mean too, but while I was out today gathering some essentials I found this yarn which is perfect for trying out a new design - if I am successful I will even use it.

The colour is more red than orange and yes it is bright unlike today which was quite dull.

You know how it is just had to make a start - no point putting it in the cupboard where I'll never see it again! I really didn't have enough of anything in the warehouse to give this design a go.

I'm hoping it grows quickly because it could be very useful.

Have a wonderful Tuesday - I hope it is happy and bright.


Barb said...

The cat is so cute!

Shay said...

Yes...cats definitely need whiskers. Im so glad yours got some. (which reminds me some of my TTS blocks need to have eyes put on!)

Lovely coloured yarn there ..cant wait to see what lusciousness you're making!

Jindi's Cottage said...

Poor puddy cat to have no whiskers...good thing you noticed...I see that his little brother is growing his whiskers already....mmmm, nice colour yarn, looks interesting...

Marg said...

Very cute indeed and I'm glad you remembered the whiskers!
Love the bright red yarn.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Beautiful stitching! Bet you thought you were the "cats whiskers" when you found that lovely yarn.

marina said...

a really cute stitchery!
You added a bee as well as the whiskers. Love it.

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

I love this stitchery.. your work is always amazing!