Saturday, July 16, 2011

Double duty

Lots of things happening around these parts these past few days, a bit of a shock after my recent inactivity.

So yesterday while I was waiting and waiting to submit some paperwork I started the requested mittens from the yarn I showed a few days ago - the colour is more true in previous post.

Well as I was in the neighbourhood I called in on some excolleagues and while I was there catching up on all the office gossip, I kept my hands busy. Ok so I can talk a lot in real life too, and by the time I left the office one of the Mitts was as good as done.

I made the matching one in the evening ready to be delivered to their new owner this week.

Today I had an all day training session - big yawn!!

To keep myself awake in the morning, (unlike my colleague next to me who took a nice nap) I kept my hands busy and got this little number done.

Yes, it is miniature - a baby sized crocheted beanie.

As you can see I had yarn leftover and as I finished before the lunch break I was thinking I should have made it bigger.

The yarn is very pretty and not plain white at all but with subtle shades of pink, blue, lemon and purple, it also has a sparly thread through it. No clue as to its identity as it came in a mixed bag none of which have labels attached.

Fortunately the afternoon session required some activity on our part so I managed to stay awake.
So as you see I have been doing double duty - hope I can continue this pace in the coming weeks.
Have a creative Sunday in your part of the world and Stay Warm.


Chocolate Cat said...

Don't you love it when you can achieve 2 things at once. What a great idea for those training days, I often struggle sitting still! I love that wool of the beanie, Mum used to knit a lot of booties out of it, so nice for newborns with just a little bit of color.

Shay said...

Someone fell asleep during work training...yikes!

I think I like your idea of keeping your hands busy to chase way the boredom.

Very cute little hat and your mittens look lovely. (Great colour!)

I am so ready for some warmer weather...

barb's creations said...

I'm sooo like you as I too cannot just sit and twiddle my thumbs lol,give me something to work on with my hands and I'm happy.Love the crocheted beanie,very pretty :) Barb.

marina said...

must have been great training!
I think you have to make the most of being stationary and keep those hands moving lol. I would.
Hope you get more crafting done this week.

Barb said... sure know how to make good use of your time. I also wanted to say that the Young women would be happy to write to your school...

Jindi's Cottage said...

Good thing you had something to do while at the riverting training sessions...pretty little hat...I'm sure your crafty friend will be very happy with their new mitts, perfect for the current weather....