Thursday, July 7, 2011

Curly and Monty

I have some visiting bears today that want to join in the picnic.
Here is Curly and his little puppy making friends with Fred the frog.
Curly is a design by Barbara Hayes and appeared in Bear Creations magazine Vol4No4.
The pattern came with the little dog too and I made these for my brother who lives on a few acres.
As you can see they are very happy with their country lifestyle.
They live with another special bear which was the first one my SIL made.
Introducing Monty who has just popped into the picnic basket to make sure all the goodies are packed ready for a little adventure in the great outdoors.
He just needs to get his scarf and hat and he'll be ready.
Hope you have the opportunity to picnic with friends this week.


Michelle Ridgway said...

Curly & his puppy are doggie used to lay like that all the Monty quality control for the goodies LOL!

Karen said...

A lovely collection, Tracey. Make sure they are all rugged up in hats and scarves for today!

Petal49 said...

Curly looks as though he is in complete control and Monty looks so cute in the basket. Hope he doesn't forget his hat & scarf.

Melody said...

What a delightful little tribe you are bringing on the picnic today. So sweet. Thanks for playing along.

Fiona@BubzRugz said...

Lovely group coming to the picnic... Curly looks quite a character!

elliek said...

Hope Monty doesn't eat all the food. They are all adorable.

Barb said...

Just too cute...