Monday, January 20, 2014

Making progress

 A little here and there on the blanket project eventually adds up.
That braided border was like knitting a long skinny scarf - all 792 rows of it! 
No wonder I got distracted and did something else, absolutely nothing to do with my limited attention span.

It was very hard to imagine while knitting this that it would ever sit flat. Remember I am making it much smaller than the pattern, smaller needles, thinner yarn, sometimes that is not successful. The centre of the square, right in the middle where the roots start, was popping up like a volcano ready to erupt. 
The above picture is what it looked like fresh off the needles - a little bath and some encouragement -

Now it is a nice flat square.

Yggdrasil Afghan design by Lisa Jacobs.

Once it's dry again I'll be picking up a LOT of stitches for the next border. I may even change colours here, or not?

So do you work on a big project consistently?

Enjoy the last week of holidays with lots of time for creating.


Christine M said...

Your blanket is very unusual Mistea.

Fiona said...

thats amazing... cant wait to see the next bit...

Shay said...

Absolutely beautiful. Ive never seen anything like it before.Looking forward to seeing the next border.

I never work on big projects consistently - Im such a fluffer.I pick it up and then put it down for a while , and keep doing that sometimes for months (or years )

katherine said...

Looking fantastic so far

Jindi's Cottage said...

Well that is definitely a difference from straight off the is looking fabulous...working on a big project consistently? Ha ha how funny, I've heard of working on one project of any size consistently but surely that is just a rumour...