Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lace on "L's"

Once upon a time there was a ball of yarn owned by a fellow creative type who tried and tried to tame it. I know all this because every time I saw her over a 6 month period, she was starting over or asking for assistance as she had lost her place on the pattern. Eventually she just gave up! 
Something you should never do! Cannot let the yarn win.
I was gifted with the offensive yarn that was very skinny and almost slippery.
Considering its past misbehavior, which I had witnessed, I left it languishing in the naughty bag for a year and a half (or longer) until I decided it was time to play. It took another month before I chose a suitable pattern and made a start.
Unidentified Lace weight yarn in a olive green colour

Armed with yarn, pattern and needles I went to the knit group that meets at the beautiful Botanical Gardens. Make a start I did in encouraging company.
As this is my first time knitting with skinny yarn on fat needles there has been a lot of head scratching and perplexed face making (while you can't see those, my fellow knitters did). I may have made some unintentional modifications to the pattern, by adding some texture, but I'm okay with that.
Ethereal Triangular Shawl design by Lakshmi Juneja - with unintentional modifications

It seems reading between the lines is a skill that requires more practice on my part (or maybe it's just that I need to read ahead before diving right in?).

Just making the most of my last week of holidays and starting more projects.

Hope there's fun in your creative space today.


Michelle Ridgway said...

I love the yarn story.... quite a yarn in itself. Glad to see you were able to tame it. Clever girl!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I've had yarn before that I had to pass on to a friend for knitting because it just did not work well with crochet at all. Probably simpler to the yarn you are using. Good for you putting it to good use now. Best wishes, Tammy

Shay said...

Im sure you can tame that yarn...it already looks like it's behaving quite well!

Enjoy your last week of holidays....

marina said...

crack that whip and tame that yarn.
Enjoy your last week of holidays.

katherine said...

A lovely colour and it is going to look brilliant when finished and blocked. Some yarn can be a trial so well done on taming it.

Jindi's Cottage said...

Naughty yarn...it's met its match now!...

Jantine said...

HaHa, I always tell my pupils to NOT read ahead but just follow the pattern step for step. Wonder what would be best?