Friday, January 3, 2014

A New Year Challenge

While 2013 was definitely sock central around here changes are in place to switch things up.
I have a long list of things (other than socks) that I'd like to get done this year, starting with a knitted blanket, doesn't mean you won't see a sock here though. 
While I've made the occasional crocheted blanket it has been a long time since I knitted anything remotely like a blanket and those were pretty much cot sized or smaller and very simple designs. I thought I'd start the year with something which requires a little attention and while made in one piece so no sewing together at the end, it is modular with interesting details. 

Only the beginning

It's true I didn't wait until the 1st of January to cast on but got a head start by casting on Christmas Day after all the food had been inhaled. I did have empty needles after my finish on Christmas Eve and that in itself creates a certain level of anxiety. Haha.

The root system is in place

I am still working through my yarn stash and this pretty lavender colour yarn is part of my inheritance from Granny. It is vintage Bendigo Woollen Mills 3 ply so the blanket won't end up being heavy or large but I get to try the pattern anyway.

Braid for the border

The pattern is Yggdrasil by Lisa Jacobs which is included as part of a free E-book downloadable from Interweave.

Oh, Yeah the lighting (or lack of) plays havoc with this yarn colour, it looks more like the blue/purple colour in the above photo than the pink in the one below but it is all the same project. 
The trees grow from the centre

Growing trees and weaving braids so far the pattern has provided just the right amount of changes in direction to keep things interesting and it is not too complicated to work on in company, perfect really as this week has been a lot about socialising and knit group is on tomorrow.

I took the advice of starting the year the way you intend to go on seriously and spent all of January 1st knitting, well I wouldn't want to spend a whole year cleaning would I?

Thanks Linda for continuing the stash busting challenge into 2014.

Wishing everyone a Happy weekend with good company and time for creating.


Jindi's Cottage said...

You're powering along, the trees look great…have fun growing your blanket at knit group...

Shay said...

Another gorgeous project ...I just cant get my head around how you manage to do such intricate knitting patterns.

marina said...

wow, love how the patterns are emerging in your blanket.
Love the trees coming out of the centre and the lattice is great.
wonder what other twists and turns your blanket will take?
Happy knitting!

katherine said...

It looks fantastic! Lovely colour too.

Charlie and Wendy said...

Your blanket is looking gorgeous already, it looks a tricky pattern!

Hannah@HomeBaked said...

Oh wow - what a great project idea!