Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Anywhere Bag...

These pieces waited patiently for a couple of days while I pretended to be a responsible citizen of the world and went to the office!

Today was back to my latest routine - home during the day. It was a grey and rainy day for the most part, so I spent it indoors with my needles and threads.
OK, I put Nomee to work and she played very nice.

This bag is an excellent size for lots of things - see this is the inside.

Like a bucket really - the colour is better represented in the above photo it is a pretty gold colour which matches the flowers on the outer fabric, maybe because just this once I used two fabrics from the same range in a project. (A bit radical - I know!)

The construction of this bag means there is no trying to get the bulky outer through a small gap in the lining.
Instead the base is attached on the outside with binding - perfect really, especially good for making the base more solid.

A pretty button closure finishes the look nicely.
Just like with the perfect zip on Sunday - this button was in the stash and is a pretty wooden one that is a found item. Yay.

While the handle is not long the shaping at the top of the bag means that it is easy to wear on the shoulder.

I know this bag will be well used because the one I made for me three years ago is looking much the worse for wear, which is why I brought the fabric to make this one back in February. It took me until July to locate the pattern - Go Anywhere Bag design by Heather Waldron published in a Handmade Magazine before the end of 2008!

Playing along with Curly Pops Choose your own bag Adventure Sew Along.

There was some knitting today too - but that happens in little bits every day, even when I go to the office.

To finish off a lovely relaxed and productive day I went to NCB, for social crafting, in my case more knitting.

Hope your Wednesday was full of stitches.


marina said...

your new bag looks lovely, I like the binding around the base too. That bit of gold is a great trim.
Don't work too hard!

Fiona said...

lovely new bag... we can never have too many can we?????

Jindi's Cottage said...

I'm sure the previous model is very happy to be finally able to go into retirement...the new model is very the fabric combo, very radical to use two from the same range!...enjoy using your new bucket, I mean bag...

nicole said...

ha ha that's so quick! very cool looking bag :D

Katherine said...

Need lots of bags for our projects. Love the fabrics

CurlyPops said...

Lovely! I've never made a bag with a binding like that - what a great little finishing technique.