Saturday, May 23, 2009

Where's my week??

The day job got in the way big time this week and the project for the Old People is still incomplete, it needs detail and binding and should be done soon. This is my progress so far on the Home Among the Gum Trees project from Australian Homepun, January 2009. I have changed some details to make it more relevant for my family. Oh well, a very lovely afternoon was had by all who attended the celebration and as the invitation specifically said 'no presents by request' there was no stress about missing the deadline. It was good to relax and catch up with family and friends from far and near.
On my sewing table today cool blue fabric and yarn for my next project... it will be so good to play with these, and finish my outstanding project of course!
Tomorrow there is more socialising with my immediate family treating the old people to a special 'tea' and if I remember to take my camera I should have some delicious treats to show.
I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, whatever they are up to.
Happy Crafting


clare's craftroom said...

That blue looks delicious ! Have a great weekend .

Jantine said...

I really love your home among the gum trees project. What kind of appliqué are you using?