Saturday, May 30, 2009


There were lots of tears at my house today... we always find goodbyes difficult. Annie May's big sister is the Jet Setter in the family and left today for her next adventure... she is off to Chile to stay with Veronica. She packed all the essentials and more. She will be introduced to the world when she arrives at her new home. Veronica, I hope she fits in well in your family, she loves to have fun and is a bit of an individual. A big Thank You to Denise White for the Annie pattern used in this swap, she is so easy to make, and to Aunt Pitty Pat for organising such a fun swap. I am sure there will be more Annies around here soon. I leave you with a picture of the final goodbye from her sister.
Hope the sun is shining wherever you are.
Happy Crafting

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Anonymous said...

Chile! How exciting! It's such a great country, was there years ago and would like to go back sometime :)
Thank you for stopping by my blog; yes, Renata and I are doing well and enjoying Diego now that he and my sister are out of the hospital.
Beautiful Annie doll! Happy swapping and I hope to be back soon to enjoy your posts!