Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Using my tools

There has been some activity in the craft room and my tools are back on the table, okay so they only moved from the table to the ironing board, but all the fabic is back in its proper place until I start my next project. A little patchwork and decorating happening here that may come together successfully soon?? I wonder what it will become??
There's plenty of time for you to go over and say hello to Robyn at Daisy Quilts and enter her giveaway. It's open for another month. I got my Annie Swap partner details yesterday, go say hi to Veronica. I am looking forward to getting started soon, . Oh and if you know Spanish could you please translate for me. I have enjoyed reading the pictures, they are the same in any language right?
Happy Crafting

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Verónica D said...

Hola Mistea !!
I put a translator in my blog , it´s is ok .... That with the english flag .
I have visited many times your blog before I knew that you will receive my Annie Doll . I find all your work very beautiful !
Hugs from Chile , Vero