Sunday, May 24, 2009

No Diet Sunday

Today we treated The Old People to High Tea at the Windsor Hotel in Melbourne. So all the jokes about expensive Cucumber sandwiches soon disappeared as we sampled a good selection of the food varieties. Said Cucumber sandwiches and some other varieties besides.. Savoury treats - mini quiches, mini savoury muffins and anti pasto pastry boats - yum
The requisite scones, which were just delicious - yes, I tried both the plain and the fruit.
A strawberry tartlet.. this was delicious, and I got my fruit rations.
There were some leftovers.. not sure how that happened?
The food crafters certainly exceeded our expectations.
It was a very special experience, no little people, just The Old People and most of my siblings and some old aunts.
Hope your weekend was a good one with lots of good company.
Happy Crafting

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Lurline said...

Drool! I've been there, that's my sort of thing - high tea!
Hugs - Lurline♥