Wednesday, May 13, 2009


When I go to visit the mother she usually has some things to give me that she has found at the Op shop where she volunteers once a week. On Sunday I found these in the bag amongst the selection of clothes. Now I don't know about you but Perle No5 is my favourite at the moment, I am enjoying the look which it gives to embroidery and the odd bit of hand quilting that I do. So I am very happy with my treasure and have used some of these gorgeous colours in a current project already. Oh, and I only brought the mother a card as there were no flower sellers after I took a detour as I had some extra time, that never happens to me when I go out to visit. I did make the mother very happy as I emptied some drawers, so I have lots more treasure for another time.
Hope your week is going well.
Happy Crafting


Anonymous said...

Good score. Nice selection of colours in that lot.

clare's craftroom said...

Yay bargain find with the threads , love the colours .