Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The cross stitch has progressed a little this month, but I seem to be distracted by other projects with looming deadlines, (oh, and ones that just take my fancy at the time). I am very pleased with how she is looking. Yesterday I had a visitor but she is a bit shy and kept hiding, (may have something to do with the fact that she is naked). Can you guess who is hiding behind my computer??
I practised making the Annie doll from the pattern for the swap, she was very quick and easy to make. Now we are just deciding on her colours so that we can make a suitable outfit, it is cold here afterall so she will need something to keep her warm.
Hope your week is going well, with lots of time for crafty stuff.
Happy Crafting


clare's craftroom said...

That xstitch is just amazing , you must have good eyes . Now go and dress that cold girl .

Verónica Donoso said...

We are in winter now , she can´t come without a dress .... Vero