Monday, May 4, 2009

Shopping Bag

I have collected a number of the panels from Loralie Designs and like to make small projects like this using individual pictures from the panel. As Red is one of my favourite colours I couldn't contain myself any longer when I looked at the quilters panel and saw this shopper with bolts of red fabric under her arm - definitely me. I whipped up this little number last week and am planning her first outing to the patchwork shop, hopefully in the not too distant future. The bag pattern designed by Gail Pan appeared in Australian Homespun No 70, of course the original is quite different with applique detail. Have a great week full of creative activity, I sure hope I do as I need to make something for the Mother to take when I see her next weekend. Back to the drawing board. Happy Crafting


Jantine said...

If this girl is you, I now know what you look like!

leah said...

Very Sassy! I dont wear red, but I do love to use it when I make things.

clare's craftroom said...

Great bag . Go shopping yay !