Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Not Much...

New mitts for me - Yippee!
These red mitts are just right in so many ways, perfect for driving as they don't cover too much of the hand and the longer cuff means no breeze gets up my sleeve.
Red and shiny mitts in Bendigo Luxury 4 ply Brick

The third pair of Platinum mitts are longer in both the hand and the cuff, super comfortable to wear.
Maybe I'll keep these ones too?
Kallan Cables untangled in Bendigo Serenade, Platinum

This is all I managed to finish for the month of July - starting all the things really inhibits the finishing bit.

There has been progress on some of the other projects including the Coffee Cape where I am working on the final 25%. So close and yet so far, I am really enjoying making this cape. As this is my third time working this design I am much more relaxed doing a few rows on it when out and about and watching it take shape.
The pretty fabrics that I was playing with last week have been waiting patiently for some action this week, maybe I'll get back to them tomorrow?

Today I had a little outing to Unwind Craft Cafe and succumbed to the yarn temptation - of course I changed my mind between when I arrived and left about which colour I was going to add to my yarn collection - Purple storm in 4 ply luxury Won! I have a plan after I finish something else.

Thanks to Kris and Peg for hosting OPAM.

Happy creating.


Jindi's Cottage said...

Nice patterns...well you'll need to have options to co-ordinate with outfits so you should keep the platinum ones...

Heather S said...

They look nice and warm, could have used a set in the Tablelands last weekend!

katherine said...

gorgeous mitts