Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cosy hands

Using the leftovers from these mitts, that I delivered to their new owner last week, 

Kallan Mitts in Bendigo Serenade - wool/bamboo mix, Platinum

I made another pair.
This time I twisted the cables around the other way for a different look and I still have leftovers, gotta love those 200g balls.

I'll be making more soon with a slightly different design in mind.

In light of the sizing issues on the mitts I wrote about yesterday I'm wondering if anyone is willing to share some hand measurements?
What is the difference in size between your palm past the thumb and wrist measurements?
The length of wrist to thumb?
Do you like to wear your mitts snug?

There may be a pair of mitts up for grabs, just leave a comment answering one or more of the questions.
(Not either of these pairs as they already have good homes.)
Hope you're hands are cosy.


SoozeM said...

They are gorgeous, and look so comfy having nothing between the fingers like other gloves!

Palm between thumb and fingers is 19.8cm all the way around.

Narrowest part of wrist is 18cm, and where a sleeve or glove cuff would sit is 24.2cm.

Length of wrist to bottom of thumb is 7cm.

I like gloves reasonably snug, but not so tight they cut off the circulation :)

I have a short fat hand :)

Teresa said...

I just love these Tracey... they are the best gloves to wear for winter and still being able to do things (like stitching heheh!!). My measurements for around the palm at the top is about 18 cm...and at the wrist is 16.5 cm. Wrist to bottom of thumb is about 7 cm. I like mine to fit snug, but they always loosen up a bit and that's okay too. I love the cable stitch on yours... they look great.

Shay said...

Gorgeous mitts ...and keeping hands warm is somewhat of a priority here at the moment.

However I have teeny tiny teensy hands (think child sized) so I doubt you've made something to fit a kid - no measurements forthcoming here :(

QueenB said...

measurement around the palm between fingers & thumb = 19.5, wrist 16cm, wrist to thumb 6cm and I do like to waer them snug. I have a pattern for palmless mitts from raverly and I have the wool from bendigo ready to go. Love the look of the mitts, hope they keep the recipients warm.
regards Simone

Fiona said...

trying to get these measurements right...
palm past thumb is 20cm
wrist is 17cm
wrist to thumb is 8cm (base of thumb)
and I like reasonably snug mitts ...
Hope that helps ....