Saturday, July 27, 2013

In the pocket

The granny string bag is done and as you can see here there is lots of yarn left to make more (or maybe something else?).
I used one strand each of the pink and cream thread
I haven't given it a work out to see whether it is right for me yet. I'm sure there will be an opportunity soon.
Cleverly fits in the little pocket at the base

Thanks Linda for the pattern.
The granny squares are all finished ready to be sewn together with the crown. They may or may not be exactly the same as I don't currently have the book with the pattern in so I was just reading off a sample square I had made previously. Doing this in company may lead to slight variations.
On another note I was wearing the garment which the dark yarn is leftover from the other day while crocheting and was surprised by the difference in the colours.
I guess 3 years of washing and wearing changes the colour of yarn.
Lot of inspiration to be had today at the Quilt and Craft fair but unfortunately I couldn't find yarn suitable for the Father's next pair of socks so I came home empty handed.
Hard to believe I put the finishing touches on a sock today while I was out and then proceeded to lose a needle before I got home - lucky there are more where that one came from.
Hope your Sunday includes time for creating.


Charlie and Wendy said...

Your bag looks great and your squares are beautiful.

Fiona said...

great idea for the bag... hope nobody finds the knitting needle by sitting on it!!!

barb's creations said...

Love the bag, sounds like you had a good time at the show on Saturday I went on Friday and there were certainly lot more stalls selling wool this year :) Barb.

Shay said...

Your bag looks wonderful. I really am a little envious of your amazing hooking and knitting skills.

If I ever make it over your way can I have a lesson?

Christine M said...

I love your bag! Such a pretty pink too!

marina said...

nifty little bag, nd your patchwork squares are great. hope they go together ok.

Melody said...

More brilliant work

Ana BC said...

love the market bag. You will be shopping in style!

Astri said...

Linda's pattern is great and you've done such a nice job with it in pink.