Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sew In (or Out!)

I hope it still counts. I took my sewing things with me yesterday afternoon when I went to work and I managed to get a few stitches in between appointments.
Now the main stitchery for Flat Nat is complete - she got her stocking and shoes yesterday which was just as well as winter returned here today.

When I got home I managed to get some of the details for the passport completed - but I can't get any better photo than this - Maybe if the sun puts in an appearance soon I will be able to show you what it really looks like?

Today I got to play at Immerse in the Yarra Valley where we were treated to some fine projects by the talented Melly of Melly and Me, Rosalie from Rosalie Quinlan Designs and Leanne from Leannes House, but you will have to wait til tomorrow as they are doing it all over again and I don't wish to spoil the surprise for those attending. I did some stitching there too.
Happy Creating


Doris Sturm said...

You do nice work, Mistea. I bet if I did those tiny stitches, I'd have a headache all day...I adore delicate needle work, but my eyes don't like it anymore.

Keep up the good work and have a great day :-)

Maria said...

Oh How lucky are you to have played with such talented ladies.

Love your stitchery too.

Barb said...

Love your stitching!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Oh she's so cute!

Sounds like you had a lovely day in the presence of some fabric/crafting greats. I'm sure you came home with lots of new ideas!

barb's creations said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day out in the Yarra Valley.I've just received my pattern for flat Nat in the mail Thursday but have hidden her away so I'm not tempted to start on her as I want to finish off a few of my older projects.....wonder how long that will last lol.Will look forward to seeing your flat nat finished soon?? :) Barb.

marina said...

Flat Nat is very cute!
Can't wait to see your goodies from the Yarra Valley day.

Wendy said...

Oh wow, love this too! I hadn't seen your blog before but came over from FNSI, I'd better subscribe!