Monday, September 6, 2010


- for Christmas 2010
Late last year I completed stitching this design from The Raspberry Rabbits.
Unfortunately it stayed unbound until I unearthed it this weekend.

Now it is done and just hanging out for a bit waiting for Christmas to come!
I am so happy with colour, even if it does make the writing hard to read.

The only other thing that happened in the sewing room was an attempt to gain some control over this scrap basket.
You can't see a basket - I'll show you when I'm done with it.
Now I have these lovelies all ready for a serious sewing session -
there are 2 and 4 inch squares, 4 and 5 inch apple cores and some tumblers..

(NO they will not all appear in the same project)
Back to the cutting table for me - still more scraps to deal with!
Hope your Monday has been a good one.
Happy Creating


Jantine said...

The blue Christmas quilt is lovely. Good you found it and finished it (in ample time before Christmas!)

Cardygirl said...

Busy! The Christmas quilt looks good and I love your apple cores.

marina said...

Your christmas quilt looks great, love the blue.
Good luck mastering your scrap box!

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

I love the Christmas Wall Hanging.. were the designs in a kit or did you draw them.. I love them especially the Ice Skates ;)

Doris Sturm said...

What a charming wall hanging, Mistea. I have always enjoyed white and blue together as a symbol of cold, snow, ice and winter in general.

I have been organizing my "yarn barn" as I call my bedroom by rewinding strands and sorting colors trying to make sense of it all. I'm tired of bying a new skein of yarn every time I can't find a color that I know I have I think I finally solved that problem.

Serenata said...

Well what can I say, but that the blue Christmas quilt hanging is just perfect! I think I would have it hanging up already! LOL