Sunday, September 19, 2010


See back again - I did do something at Immerse and it wasn't all about eating and drinking! The 'b' and '1' from the gorgeous design by Melly and me.
Immerse is a winery in the gorgeous Yarra Valley region of Victoria and the lovely Melly, Rosalie and Leanne chose it as the location for this years Stitching retreat.
A day of good company, stitching, food and drink with no washing up to do - Yay.
A bit more sun would have made the day perfect - but we were warm and cozy inside and it didn't rain for the entire day.
Happy Sunday.


clare's craftroom said...

It sounds like a perfect day !

Serenata said...

Not only did you manage to do some lovely stitchery you also had the perfect day!

Almost finished my second twirly scarf ;-)

Jodie said...

Totally jealous that you and your partner in crime got to go to this !!!