Monday, February 23, 2009

What quilt is on my bed?

Lynette Anderson posed the question what Quilt is on your bed, after showing the gorgeous quilt she is currently sleeping under, so here is a picture of my Bobby Bears quilt made using a design from the talented ladies at Angels in Disguise. I made this quilt in 2005, it is the first quilt that I completed and I kept it for me. I did the bear stitcheries in veriegated threads using lots of different colours. In winter it lives on the couch where I use it to snuggle under while stitching or reading, but is just the right weight for using on the bed at this time of year. This photo shows some of the stitchery detail. There are 25 different images and they were all fun to stitch. I did not follow the directions for the quilt construction, so while I bordered each block, I used a scrappy approach between the blocks instead of sashing.
I am still working on the stitchery ladies from the previous post and should be finished the stitching tonight. The purple fabric stash is patiently waiting its turn, I am looking forward to cutting it into lots of little pieces.
Hope you enjoyed Monday.
Happy Crafting


Lynette Anderson said...

Your quilt looks great and the bears are very cute. Thanks for sharing with us whats on your bed at the moment.

clare said...

Yes it looks lovely .
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