Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Houses and stitching

I played with the Happy House blocks again today and finished a few, I am enjoying making them, and may just end up with an entire village. I will think about how to put them together after the swap has happened so they will be hanging out at this stage for a couple of months.. plenty of time to decide. I finished the stitchery ladies that I began last week. I am happy with this version and the colours are some of my favourites. Now I just need to decide how big to make the quilt that they are going in, and what to put with them. At this point my first choice is to embroider one of my favourite poems - 'When I am an Old woman I shall wear Purple' in the borders. I am glad that I acheived all this sewing in the past few days as the day job is going to get in the way again tomorrow!
Hope you are having a crafty week.
Happy Crafting

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clare said...

You've done very well getting all that done .
clares craftroom