Monday, February 9, 2009

Bag sewing

The weather here recently has made for very erratic crafting. Saturday while the weather was very hot and windy and half of the state was on fire, I stayed in and cut out. It took most of the day to cut out this bag, it really was so hot it was hard to do anything requiring any activity. Sunday was a much more pleasant day, about half the temperature of Saturday and with much less wind and even a little rain. I sewed this bag for a coffee shop friend, I have one made from the same pattern and she asked if she could have a green one. The pattern is a design by Heather Waldron called Go Anywhere bag and it is a fantastic size to take anywhere. The pattern appeared in a Handmade magazine. While I am grateful that my family who live in the fire affected areas have all escaped the devastation, family friends have lost everything they owned. My thoughts go out to all those who have lost property and family in the blazes. Happy Crafting


Lurline said...

Gorgeous bag, Mistea! It is just so hard to comprehend the tragedy of the bushfires!
Hugs - Lurline♥

clare said...

Yes lovely bag . Our thoughts are with all those in fire and flood .
clares craftroom