Monday, February 2, 2009

Sewing and shopping

What have I been doing since I was here last - lets see well there was some fabric frolicking happening here and there. Nine shops in the outer eastern suburbs co-ordinate this event every year and you get a passport which gets stamped at each shop and there are prizes and specials. Too much fun to miss out on. I still have a couple of shops to go, I can feel a little day trip happening later this week. I also managed a bit of sewing when it wasn't too hot, and the power was on. Last week was definitely summer!! I have completed my first bear in a couple of years and enjoyed the process, sometimes I just need to take a break to remember how much I like creating things. It was almost like starting all over again as I had to be reminded of the process, it really has been that long! I tried something different this time too in that I used a floral cotton fabric for the body, paw pads and inner ears, I am very pleased with the effect of this. Introducing Miss Violet, and yes she does have a purpose this is going to my Secret Sewing Love swap partner, I just hope she likes her. While I don't have a picture of anything my neices actually completed while they were staying last month, I completed this cushion cover which Miss 9 started, but we ran out of time. Miss 9 was just making stripy, but when I decided to finish it for her I cross cut it and changed to the checkerboard design, I was able to give it to her before they left, and she really liked the way it turned out.
Happy Crafting


clare said...

You have been very busy .
clares craftroom

Gail :) said...

Your bear is adorable! I love the patchwork too. It is great when the kids get excited to make projects too.

Julia said...

Your bear is gorgeous..
I love teddies, and have made a few in my time..
Julia ♥