Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bird or fish?

So last week while I was out of town for training there was a little shopping - one needs to make the most of these opportunities right?

I know the purple swirls at the front and the blue/green circles on the left are fabrics I already have, just topping up the supplies while I was in the neighbourhood.
A little red and green for some Christmas fun - they are not specifically Christmas fabrics which is part of the appeal for me as they will complement lots of fabrics in my stash.

 Do you see the little birdie in the top of the picture?
That is a Creative card pattern - Chubby Birds by Jodie Carleton.
Too fun 

Even if my first attempt looks more like a fish!

I won't be put off by that I will just practice by making more.

Back to my knitting - I may have ten cosy toes by the end of the week.

Hope your week is off to a great start.


marina said...

very cute birdie!
I don't think it looks like a fish.
can't wait to see those socks..

Jodie said...

It looks like a bird to me, sorry we couldn't catch up...for all my busy busy crazy I ended up in bed most of the week.
I think your bird looks very birdy...although I can see how you can change it into a fish without many changes. Great idea.

Christine M said...

Your little bird is so cute. I don't think it looks like a fish! Lovely fabrics too!