Thursday, July 19, 2012

Because 1 is not enough

I have been casting on again without finishing my in progress projects.
My sock is almost done - this is the second one. Yay - cosy toes in the very near future!
My mitt has progressed but as these are odd yarn leftovers, I am undecided whether I should finish this one or make the second one up to here so I can see how much of each colour I have left for the hand part.
Oh, and the green is the start of something new - guess all will be revealed when I get more done. So far it is very nice - I am liking the softness of the cable detail.
Reading another lovely tale set in the 19th century by the same author as last week - 'Hope' by Lesley Pearce. Mostly set in the UK it highlights the gap between the classes there in this period and the fact that married women had virtually no rights.
Joining in very late over at the Yarn along.

Edit: The sock pattern is Maid Marian Knee Highs from the book Knitting Knee Highs by Barb Brown.


Mel said...

I love your cables!

Melody said...

I'm so happy you will be there on Saturday. Please
bring along anyone else who you think might enjoy the day. Just let me know so I can book seats.

Anonymous said...

The sock is such a pretty color - what is the pattern that you're using? Or are you making it up as you go along?

Maria said...

You are always creating lovely warm projects...

swanski said...

Love the socks! I never tire of sock knitting :)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I have lots of projects on the go at the moment. Can't seem to stay focused. It's nice to have choices, right! Your projects look great. Have a fabulous day. Tammy