Monday, May 31, 2010

Waverley Quilt Show

The Waverley Patchworkers in Melbourne sure are diverse and talented.

This quilt was one from the Art Quilt group. It is quite small and the trees are free machine embroidered - the colours were amazing - perfect depiction of winter.

A lovely bright Kaffe quilt using the drunkards path block - just stunning.

One for the boys - this quilt used a combination of Train themed prints and pieced sashing and borders for the train tracks.

A quilt which summed up summer at the beach - lovely bright colours.

The next two quilts are made from the same design by the same stitcher - Oh what a difference colour can make.

A beautiful Baltimore inspired quilt in the prettiest purples and greens - this quilt was huge.

Another take on Drunkards path - this time made with string blocks in two colours - Love the effect - warm and moving.

This last quilt was called the Decade quilt - and for good reason.

It has the most amazing embroidery on not just the patches but also the borders. Lots of luxury fabrics in the most beautiful colours.

A lovely afternoon spent appreciating the work which goes into not just the quilts but the hosting of a show like this. Well done. How did you spend your Sunday afternoon? Happy Crafting


marina said...

those stained glass window quilts look great.
An afternoon well spent. I spent the afternoon recovering and getting the house back to normal after the big 18th.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Aren't some of those quilts exquisite? I liked the first one and the Kaffe quilt.

And I could never spend a decade making a single quilt. Not even if I did other things in around it!

Michelle May said...

Lovely all of them. The little art quilt is my favorite!

Copper Patch said...

I love the Kaffe drunkards path - very nice. Looks like a good show.