Sunday, May 30, 2010


Just when I thought this was the only kind of finish I was going to see this week...

Along came

G-Bot sister to C-Bot.

Look - No hands!

These softies are fun to make thanks to Jodie's clear instructions.

My Navy vest got itself together, all the knitting was completed by Wednesday but it took until Saturday evening to get completed. I looked through my entire button collection on Friday in search of similar sized navy buttons, I wasn't being extremely picky and was happy with variations in design - but the most I could come up with was 4 and I needed 6. So like any good crafty person I had to go shopping on my way to work Friday afternoon.

I can't imagine how it happened but I came home with only the required buttons?

All done and ready to wear just in time for the beginning of winter this week.

Okay - so I started something new too but that's the whole point of finishing isn't it??

Today I'm off to the Waverley Quilt show for lots more inspiration.

Happy Creating


Lurline said...

Love GBot!
Hugs - Lurline♥

marina said...

well done, another gorgeous bot.
I agree the finishing something makes room for a new project!

Serenata said...

'No hands' very impressed! :-)

The vest looks really snug as well and most impressed you only came home with the buttons needed.

teresa said...

Love your robot... I have just bought the pattern myself and can't wait to make it (well at least one!), Your vest is gorgeous and looks perfect for our winters! xx

Leah said...

love the bot! Ive been meaning to make one too.