Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Back and a Winner...

Do you wanna see what I did on the back of my quilt? Of course you don't but here it is anyway - The quilt is just wider than the width of fabric so I whipped up a few more blocks and put a strip on the back - now I have somewhere to record the details. As you can see the quilting is very simple circles which outline the stitcheries and the block circles, nothing more than that. Yesterday while I wasn't working I gave the quilt a bath and hung it out to dry, but it was too windy for an outdoor photo, just kept folding over itself. It looks even better now that it is clean, well I think so anyway. Now for the winner of the giveaway - Jantine over at Urban Style. Only a week late but you know sometimes life (or driving long distances for dinner) just get in the way of good intentions.

Enjoy the remainder of the week wherever you are, I intend to sew lots!

Happy Crafting

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clare's craftroom said...

It looks lovely and I wanted to see the back !You are clever .