Thursday, January 31, 2013


around here it's all about relaxing with a good book, walking along at the beach (sometimes even in the water) and keeping the needles busy. This year it was the knitting needles.
I finished The Father's Christmas socks, a pair of socks for BD's birthday, a pair of mitts and matching hat (they really are the same colour despite what the photo's show).

4 January OPAM finishes

Now to deal with all these loose ends so I can call these finished and gift them this weekend.

Oh and for the last day of January the weather turned on a perfectly cool day with just a little too much water! I sure hope some of that rain fell on all the fires around the state (and country).

Have a wonderful February.


marina said...

some nice rain is always welcome.
lots of lovely knitting finishes. Enjoy sewing in those ends..

Anonymous said...

wonderful finishes Mistea,well done.xx

Val Spiers said...

Gorgeous wooly finishes. I just love those lacy mitts.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Lots of lovely shades of blue. And sounds like the weather might have been just about right for those knitted mitts. :) Best wishes, Tammy