Wednesday, January 30, 2013


'cause you never can tell when the temperature may drop!

Mitts knitted from the hat leftovers (and more), with the same cable and lace pattern to match.

She just wanted to help.

And for the other hand.

See two.

(Just the minor issue of a few loose threads)
Now they're ready for gifting just as soon as the weather changes to cold.

Time to get back to the second pink sock.

Happy Creating.


shez said...

what a wonderful idea mistea,they look fantastic,cant believe how quick you knit.xx

Melody said...

They look fabulous and will make a wonderful gift.

Ana BC said...

Great idea! That stitch looks great also in mittens.

Verónica Donoso said...

lovely yor mittens ( mitones )
and your Baby Doll !!

Jindi's Cottage said...

So that sorted the left over yarn...good stash busting going on, mmm might there soon be space in the warehouse?...nice mitt/hat set..