Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cosy collar and a new friend

All buttoned up - the cosy grey collar, finished in time for gifting with the matching hat.

A nice snug size for a warm neck inside a coat.

Now for a little more stitching on another of Ms Millies friends - they really are very fun to characters to stitch up. Oh, sure there is a plan and it is even coming together nicely.

Just a little longer before all can be revealed.

Sure hope you had time for some stitches on Saturday.
Any other locals heading over to Essendon Quilters exhibition tomorrow?
Might see you there.
Tonight it is finally time to reset the clocks back to standard time - an extra hour of stitching or sleeping - What will it be??
Hope your Sunday is a pleasant one.


Maria said...

Lucky friend receiving some of your warm projects..
Your new friend looks great.

Shay said...

I chose the extra hour of sleeping!

I really love the neck collar. Scarf type apparel has really evolved into something special and yours is no exception.

Teresa said...

Love your collar... I am very much into scarves and collars and can't wait for winter!!! Yours looks wonderfully classy!

Chocolate Cat said...

I chose the extra hour of sleeping, a lot to catch up on!!! That is a cosy looking collar and a very cute friend that you are stitching!!

Charlie and Wendy said...

Your cozy colour is gorgeous, it looks lovely and warm.

Jantine said...

Love the collar!