Monday, March 26, 2012

Blue (and why I shouldn't go fabric shopping with the Mother)

The fuzzy Blue hat got finished - just in time for a taste of winter here in Victoria.

The yarn was a gifted ball of Moda Vera - not certain of the exact breed, but it is a wool and mohair blend. Very light and very warm.

There was a little stitching on the blue project - something about blooms to complement the flowers on the fabric.

And the rest of the story about The Mother and the fabric shop.
The mother was with me at the quilt show in Ballan and we ventured down to Mill Rose and ate delicious soup before heading into the patchwork shop. I was there to pick up some more pink fabric, and while it is not in the picture I did get what I went there for, but I also got these.

I chose the two on the left and then The Mother scoured the shop for others to compliment them, she doesn't have a project in mind, just thought they would be nice in something.

I have to agree they are nice together but did I really need this much more fabric?

Hope your week has gotten off to a good start.


Shay said...

Can one every have enough fabric? Love your new purchases and Im sure you'll find a use for them ...eventually. That's why it's called a stash.

marina said...

Need you even ask?
The answer is 'of course you need that much more fabric!'

Teresa said...

I love your fuzzy blue hat! and you can never, ever, ever... have too much fabric!!! he he xx